Ariel Kahana at the White House, September 2020

Shalom! Hello!

My name is Ariel Kahana and I am the diplomatic correspondent for Israel Hayom – the most distributed newspaper in Israel.

I began my career in media as an editor and presenter for Arutz 7 radio and since then have held various positions in written, broadcast and online media.

My years as a journalist have allowed me to witness firsthand many of the dramatic events that have befallen Israel, including the two years of political crisis, the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the historic Abraham accords. As well, I covered complex events as the Operations in Gaza, the Second Lebanon War, the Disengagement from Gaza, the Coronavirus Pandemic and more.

Since 2009, I have been focused on the diplomatic and the political arena. I follow Prime Minister Bennett and his actions, as I did with his predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu. I have accompanied dozens of political and diplomatic trips around the globe, including the historic delegations to the Abraham accords countries, the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco. I have covered US presidents’ meetings with Israeli leaders and breakthroughs trips to Africa and Latin America.


To date I have interviewed former VP Mike Pence, Prime Minister Netanyahu, government ministers, foreign ministers from around the globe, members of Congress and American ambassadors, among others. Prime Minister Bennet was interviewed by me in his previous roles.

Among some of my most important publications were exclusive interviews with Israeli Ambassador to the USA, Ron Dermer, and with National Security Advisor, Meir Ben Shabbat. I have published research on the circumstances surrounding the historic peace agreements between Israel and the Gulf states.

I had also Netanyahu’s historic statement “no Palestinian state will be established in my time,” as well as President Obama’s refusal to defend Israel’s nuclear power, the ‘Tweeting Diplomats’ saga, Gaza’s network of tunnels and European funding to left-wing organizations.

In addition to my work as a journalist, I teach a course on journalism at Herzog College.
I write about all this, and more, here.

Over the years I have learned that the Jewish people may be living alone, but the entire world is not against us.

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